The Horacio Pagani Museo

The Horacio Pagani Museo


Inaugurated in 2017 together with the new production Atelier, the Horacio Pagani Museo offers the most exclusive collection of cars that made the brand history. A journey through the fundamental moments that mark Horacio's adventure, from the first sketches and drawings to the latest versions of Zonda and Huayra, while bringing to light unpublished projects and other exclusive designs of tangible importance, evidence of the pioneering vision of the young designer. Together with the very first Zonda specimens dating back to 1998, we can find the iconic Zonda Cinque, Zonda R and Huayra, unique models exhibited for the first time together in a collection never seen before, accessible to visitors from all over the world.


The Horacio Pagani Museo can be visited on your own with audio guide in any language, or upon reservation together with the factory tour.



The Factory: the Atelier that overtakes time


Available only on reservation, the visit continues inside the Pagani Atelier, home to one of the most exclusive car productions of all time. Here, the limited-edition Pagani hypercars come to life in a typical Italian piazza, surrounded by lampposts, Renaissance arches, islands of vegetation, and cobblestones pavements. In this place the painstaking manual skills of the Florentine, Renaissance-like craftsmen, mixes with the technologies found only in F1 cars and space rockets. Like in a modern artisan workshop, each Pagani creation is handmade like a real bespoke suit combining engineering technique and poetry of forms.


Guided tours are available on reservation only. For Factory Tour bookings please send an email to

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