The Museo Enzo Ferrari

In the modern pavillon of more over 2500 sq.m., in addition to admiring the cars displayed, you can see a show telling, through an exciting film, the 90-year magical history of Enzo Ferrari’s life. By the child, who from the first ‘900 discover the racings, to the pilot, by the animator of the stables to the builder and his own wins.The main pavilion presents extraordinary architecture created by the English studio “Future Systems” and is combined with architecture from Enzo Ferrari’s private home who was born in 1898.In the futuristic pavilion, together with the many cars on display, there is a show that is repeated at regular intervals which transports the visitor as if he were in a time machine, to the most beautiful Ferraris of every age. A real “leap” into the world of the Prancing Horse, through images of great evocative power and an enthralling soundtrack. Inside the ancient workshop Enzo Ferrari’s father, there is a permanent exhibition dedicated to Ferrari engines that are always considered “the heart” of the automobile. In the main pavilion, beside the Ferrari Store, there is also a restaurant and cafeteria offering culinary specialties, cooked with typical local products.