14/05/2020 14:20 GTM +2

Speakers: Stefano Marzani / Teodoro Lio / Marco Gay / Andrea Pontremoli

Connected cars, different levels of ADAS up to autonomous driving of levels 4 and 5 make the car product a highly digitized product, with a prevalence of electronic hardware and software.

With sharing, apps, some methods of use and service become digitized. A big impact on investments, the skills to develop new cars, how to use them, the world of aftermarket and service.

On the other hand, the experience of choosing a car from the various proposals on the market, making it a short list to get to a physical testing, the physical engagement of a dealer, also becomes a digitized process that tries to create seamless between physical and virtual.


We'll talk about it with:

Marco Gay, President Anitec Assinform

Teodoro Lio, Managing Director, Automotive and Mobility Lead, Europe Accenture

Stefano Marzani, Senior Expert AD/AI Silicon Valley

Andrea Pontremoli, CEO Dallara


Event moderator: Fabio De Rossi (Quattroruote)