Pagani Automobili has its headquarters in San Cesario Sul Panaro since 1998 and was founded by Horacio Pagani, previously head of the composite materials department and designer of Lamborghini. In 1999 Pagani made his debut at the Geneva Motor Show with the Zonda C12, a car that redefines the concept of supercar. A futuristic and revolutionary car in some respect. So much so, as to deserve the new name of hypercar on purpose. The Pagani Zonda has quickly become one of the most celebrated cars over the last 20 years.
The philosophy driving the company embraces a concept borrowed from the Renaissance and embodied by the great Leonardo da Vinci who, over 500 years ago, stated: “Art and Science are disciplines that must walk together hand in hand.”
Pagani Automobili creates in accordance with this inspirational creed, combining technique and taste, functionality and aesthetics, handcraft work and technological know-how.



The “piecita”, or the “closet” in his native town in Argentina, is the room where the young creator would disappear to work with balsa wood, drawing and carving those little models that would one day turn to his eyes as the most beautiful cars in the world. That was in Casilda, where, on the 10th of November 1955, Horacio Pagani was born.
Horacio left Argentina and moved to Modena, right in the heart of the Motor Valley. The place where he wanted to create The Supercar as he imagined it: a unique creation carried out following precise aesthetic research down to the smallest detail. A path, more than a work, that well matches with the Italian artisanal tradition that chases beauty at every stage of the process. There’s no single component in the car to elude this philosophy, there is not a bolt or a suspension block that has not been conceived as a sculpture.

A life dedicated to the research of materials, performance and lines sculpted by the wind. To design cars created to stimulate the senses.



Inside the Pagani Atelier past and present melt into one. A unique location that houses one of the most exclusive artisanal productions of all time, that of the Pagani hypercars.

The entire structure reflects Pagani's unmistakable stylistic language and interprets the company's values. Inside there is a modern artisan workshop which pursues the exclusivity of the production, creating real bespoke suits.



The unique structure of the Horacio Pagani Museo and Atelier offers the possibility of hosting a wide variety of exclusive day and night time activities and events, in a location full of charm. The many spaces available, featuring all the necessary equipment, allow to customize each private event around the customer's needs, guaranteeing in any case a full immersion in the Pagani world. The Pagani headquarters represents the ideal setting for conventions, business lunches, training activities and aperitifs, as well as gala dinners. In other words, the ideal setting for an unforgettable experience.

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