We, the Adler Pelzer Group, are a worldwide leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of acoustic and thermal components and systems for the automotive sector.


We design, develop, manufacture and sell parts and components that have the objective of optimizing acoustic performance, reducing vibrations, and increasing the thermal efficiency of our clients’ vehicles. Our business is vertically integrated; we carry out key value-added activities in-house, from the sourcing of raw materials to the creation of the end product. Through our investments in research and development, we believe that we have developed the broadest set of technological capabilities as compared to our peers, to create, design and produce products to meet our clients’ bespoke needs.  We classify our products, generally into four product families: Engine Compartment, Passenger Compartment, Luggage Compartment and Exterior parts. We manufacture several base products, including heavy layers, felts, carpets and foams that are used in a wide range of applications across our product families.


We are present in 22 countries with 81 production sites and R&D facilities, from which we sell our products to our clients across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa.

Our clients include the majority of the world’s OEMs, our top five clients being Volkswagen Group, FCA, Japanese OEMs, Ford and General Motors. Our headquarter is located in Hagen, Germany; we have over 11,000 employees worldwide and sales of 1.47bn€ in 2018.


Our global research and development footprint is set in main automotive hubs, with our R&D key facilities located in Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, China and USA.


In detail, Adler Pelzer Group acoustic capabilities include:


Acoustic development from materials into components into full vehicle (cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and agricultural tractors), including proprietory tools for in-depth acoustic performance analysis and improvement suggestions, using advanced simulation techniques.


Adler Pelzer Group owns more than 42 patents and is continuously improving its innovations portfolio thanks to a scientific and technical community of 170 engineers and scientists working in acoustics, materials science, process and product engineering. We have been actively researching in the fields of electric and hybrid vehicles development since the early stages of their introduction in automotive industry, being in close contact with key OEMs and supplying them with ad hoc Acoustic packages fitting this novel need in the automotive industry, which we continue to focus on, not forgetting the need of introducing the lessons learned in these developments inside traditional NVH packages.


We organized during 2019 an Acoustic Symposium hosting more than 90 people from Academia, Industry and Partners with attendance of key OEMs giving contributions in advanced acoustics, tools and vehicle optimization.

Our products